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Character Name:Kylo Ren
Series: Star Wars
Age: 29
Sexual Preference: OTA, depending on the scene.
Canon Preference: Mainly IC, but love a good AU.

✔ Combat
✔ Hurt/Comfort
✔ Awkward Romance/Fluff
✔ Bathing and Massage
✔ Sickness/Injury
✔ Drug/Alcohol Use
✔ Blood/Gore
✔ Hard torture
✔ Character Death

✴ Romance
✴ Penetration
✴ Master/Slave
✴ Humiliation
✴ Exhibitionism
✴ Cross Dressing
✴ Mpreg

✘ Non-con
✘ Dub-con
✘ Graphic Sex
✘ Scat
✘ Watersports
✘ Bestiality
✘ Ass Play

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What can Kylo Ren do to you?

The Force can give its users control over that which is not normally under their control - be it the environment around them or even other people. For Kylo Ren, this includes:

- Telekinesis: the ability to exert control over physical objects. i.e. pulling an item toward him, pushing a person away, freezing something or someone in place. Those strong in the Force can resist or overpower him.
- Mind intrusion: the ability to look into someone's mind and find information, often seen as a form of torture. Those strong in the Force can resist or overpower him.

Neither of these abilities are done passively, and will be written as 'attempts' unless previously discussed. If you would like to opt in to this kind of control for some reason, leave a comment. Otherwise, I will always ask permission on a case by case basis.

The Force can also give its users better control of themselves:

- Pain tolerance: the ability to take a hit and keep on going. Pain fuels the Dark Side of the Force, making him temporarily stronger, so Kylo tends to shrug off wounds and injuries like they're nothing. In the spirit of fairness, I give blanket permission for injuries, and anything dealt to him will definitely catch up with him later!

What can you do to Kylo Ren?

- Mind Reading/Force Sense: I give blanket permission for anyone to be able to sense his presence, that he is strong in the Force and that his mind is a troubled place. If there are particular things your character can read or sense, let's discuss.
- Mind Intrusion/Mind Control: Kylo Ren is skilled enough in the Force to resist someone as strong as he is. But I admit his emotional instability makes him vulnerable unless he is actively resisting. Let's discuss.
- Fighting: Yes, go right ahead! Have at him! I love this stuff!
- Injuries: Blanket permission for pretty much anything that you can throw at him, as long as it doesn't kill him instantly. If the injury is going to cause a permanent disability, let's discuss. But there's a good chance I'll say yes.
- Death: Let's discuss. If he can be revived, there's a good chance I'll say yes.
- Romance: Kylo is an emotionally troubled man. Please discuss.
- Smut: No. Prefer to fade to black. Please discuss.


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